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Venkat Sai Beverages Industries is pleased to introduce itself as a new entrant in the market for supply of revitalizing, refreshing, pure clean & healthy mineralized water

Sand Filters to remove visible impurites

Carbon Filters removes polluted particles.

3-Stage Membranes UV Purifiers

Ozonation to eradicate impurities

Packaged under U.V Sterile area

Water Bottles

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5 Litre Gallon

One of our compact products to fulfill your thirst.


20 Litre Gallon

Best selling products for household and offices.


1 Litre Gallon

One of our best products for your catalogue at your place.


Purity to the Max

Health Certificates

Quality Water Standard

Deep Water Filtration

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The team members of Ekam waters envisions a bottle of pure Ekam drinking water in the palm of every thirsty person and in the heart of every happy Indian. A lotus of perfection ,with an aim of good health preservation.


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